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Member Highlight: TRANSLIT – Translation Services and Company Formation

December 20, 2012 Comments off

By Alex Chernenko

Over the pTranslit logoast years, we have witnessed a big change in Irish society with the influx of people from various countries. 16.71% of the Irish population are foreign nationals according to Census 2011. About 200 languages are spoken in this country today. State service providers and businesses have experienced an increasing demand for translation and interpreting services. Foreign people themselves have experienced a need for service providers who can understand them. There was a suitable niche for translation services. As the result, Alex Chernenko, a freelance translator and interpreter with years of experience, a former Limerick Leader Newspaper community journalist and UL student, founded a company Freelance Providers Ltd in 2009. The name speaks for itself. The idea was to start a company that would provide a full range of professional freelance services to businesses and individuals alike. Alex saw a great opportunity and went for it. The company initially consisted of just 2 people up until 2011. Within a year, it has turned from a small agency into a growing business. TRANSLIT became a department responsible for translation and interpreting and later included all business and corporate services such as company formation and bookkeeping. Read more…

Member News: Russian language evening classes coming soon to Kilroy’s College in 2013

December 19, 2012 Comments off

Kilroy’s College was established in 1932 as Ireland’s first distance learning provider.  Today Kilroy’s College offers more than 60 diverse courses – all through the medium of e-learning and traditional correspondence (by post).Kilroy's college

We plan to offer evening classes in Russian for beginners and intermediate level classes during the working week or on Saturday afternoons.  Students can simply study Russian for fun or they may work towards sitting the Leaving Certificate examination if required Read more…

Member Highlight: Beagans – Global Brokerage Services

December 19, 2012 Comments off

Global Customs Brokerage, serving industry since 1953. The market leader in our service area.

Constant Software updating and monitoring of EU legalisation has left us in the forefront of ensuring all your customs clearance and intrastate requirements are dealt with by one single company who has the resources & personal to deal with any Customs & Excise or revenue enquiry.

We welcome your queries for the movement of traffic worldwide especially Russia and Asia.beaganslogo
Newry Road, Dundalk, Co Louth.

Contact Gerard O’Hare, tel: 042-9334711.