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Event Highlights: From Culture to Business

March 2, 2012 Comments off

The 24th of February IRBA and Dublin City event attracted one hundred Irish businessmen, representatives of the Russian embassy and the press.

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Ivan Kush of ITAR-TASS news agency reported the following (translated and adapted by Vladimir Popov).

The Irish government is set to a positive dialogue with Russia in the economic sphere, Richard Bruton TD, Minister for enterprise, jobs and innovation, concluded at the event. “Irish-Russian relations are on the rise. In particular, the Irish services in high demand on the market. Many Irish companies have already achieved success in Russia in such areas as medicine, agriculture, construction, information technology, aviation”, said the Minister. He noted that the Irish-Russian relations have great potential. “One of the priority areas, in my opinion, is agriculture. Ireland is ready to deliver environmentally friendly products of excellent quality” he explained. “[Ireland] achieved certain results in the field of education: Irish institutions such as the Dublin Institute of Technology and Trinity College actively cooperate with Russian universities. I understand that many Russians do not even know of the existence of our country. In this regard, the Russian students who come here on exchange, become cultural ambassadors in the future and will develop our relations, particularly trade”. Read more…