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Orphan Children Charity “To Russia With Love” Receives Gift of an Icon

March 25, 2013

By Debbie Deegan

We have been deeply honoured in To Russia With Love with the wonderful gift of a Russian Icon. It was presented to us in the Russian Embassy in Dublin this week by Ambassador Peshkov. Damien Clancy, and other board members were present for the presentation.

It was gifted to us by the Iconographer, Leonid Kurzenkov, after he heard about our work with the orphaned and abandoned children in many regions of Russia. He was deeply moved by the fact that Irish people have been working with the Russian Administration for the past fifteen years, and changing the lives of thousands of Russian children. Leonid Kurzenkov is a well know painter in Russia, he is a deeply religious and caring man. Leonid invited me to his artist’s studio in Moscow to see the Icon as it was being painted, this was a fantastic and rare opportunity.

St. Nicolas was chosen as the subject by my dear friend Andre Malakhov, as he felt we are like Santa Clause to the children. Coincidentally St. Nicholas is also the patron saint of orphaned children. The Russian Orthodox Priest in Dublin, Father Michael, blessed the icon at the ceremony in the Russian Embassy. We are planning to place it somewhere that people can appreciate the beauty of it. I’m sure it will generate great interest.

As you know we are continuing our daily work with our children, we work only with orphaned and abandoned children, all of who are blossoming under our care. We are so grateful to all those who help and support us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Aughenish Aluminium for their donation to To Russia With Love. We are thrilled to have such a prestigious company supporting our work.

Like all charities at the moment we are struggling. If you feel it would be a good fit for your company to help Russian orphans, or you have a CSR policy that may help us, please contact us on 01 8532920, or at info@torussiawithlove.ie.

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