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Culture: Jameson Film Festival Screens Russian Films

February 13, 2013

3 Russian films will be screened as part of the Jameson Film Festival.

White Tiger

Cineworld, Feb 17, 6.15pm.

Russian director Karen Shakhnazarov (Ward No. 6 – JDIFF 2010) never ceases to experiment, with both subject matter and style. WWII-set White Tiger is his first war film, a weird, wondrous tale of an eerie white fascist tank that appears, attacks and vanishes, leaving smouldering Russian tanks and cremated corpses in its wake.

Web links: Trailer, official web page.

jVivan las Antipodas

The Light House cinema, Feb 22, 8.40pm

Victor Kossakovsky’s captivating documentary takes a common musing – if you dug a hole straight through the planet, what would you see on the other side? – and pursues it to the ends of the earth.

Short Stories

The Lighthouse cinema, Feb 22, 6.15pm.

At the beginning of Mikhail Segal’s film, an author approaches a publishing house with a selection of stories and is told there is no market for them. However, as various people open the book, they each find themselves drawn into an imaginary reality.

For more information visit the website here: http://www.jdiff.com/index.php/guide/schedule

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