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Member Highlight: TRANSLIT – Translation Services and Company Formation

December 20, 2012

By Alex Chernenko

Over the pTranslit logoast years, we have witnessed a big change in Irish society with the influx of people from various countries. 16.71% of the Irish population are foreign nationals according to Census 2011. About 200 languages are spoken in this country today. State service providers and businesses have experienced an increasing demand for translation and interpreting services. Foreign people themselves have experienced a need for service providers who can understand them. There was a suitable niche for translation services. As the result, Alex Chernenko, a freelance translator and interpreter with years of experience, a former Limerick Leader Newspaper community journalist and UL student, founded a company Freelance Providers Ltd in 2009. The name speaks for itself. The idea was to start a company that would provide a full range of professional freelance services to businesses and individuals alike. Alex saw a great opportunity and went for it. The company initially consisted of just 2 people up until 2011. Within a year, it has turned from a small agency into a growing business. TRANSLIT became a department responsible for translation and interpreting and later included all business and corporate services such as company formation and bookkeeping.

VIP WEB – digital media agency – is another department which looks after graphics and web design, online and offline marketing using latest technology and trends in design to create user-friendly websites and to promote them online.

In January 2012, local media announced about a US-based company CETRA to open for the first time a translation agency in LIT Enterprise centre in Limerick with the support from the Irish government. TRANSLIT has already had a branch office in Limerick since June 2011 – six month prior to that which was not mentioned in the media. The government invests in foreign companies instead of supporting local business with large potential.

Not many translators and interpreters who work in Ireland have qualifications. This is due to the misconception that interpreting work is quite easy and anyone can do it. There is no legislation in place which controls or restricts the translation industry. As a matter of fact, anyone can call themselves “a translation agency” and start operating in Ireland by registering with CRO and Revenue. Moreover, some translators never report to local authorities about their business activity.

Therefore, the quality of translation and interpreting providers can be very low sometimes. An example of that would be a court hearing in London earlier in April this year where a Romanian interpreter from Applied Language Solutions made a mistake which has led to £25,000 retrial costs. During the trial for burglary case, a word “beaten” was translated as “bitten”. The interpreter admitted that they had made a grave error at the time but did not mention it to the court. It was only discovered during cross-examination. As the result, the court has collapsed.

During recession time, translation industry in Ireland only slightly fell down. However, some of the biggest language providers have dropped their rates for freelancers significantly. One of the largest Dublin-based translation companies currently pays as low as €12 per hour during day time and €15 in the evenings and weekends. Now try to image, how an interpreter doing only a few hours each week, can survive getting paid this money? It takes time to travel to and from an assignment. And there is no travel cost in most cases. Most of the interpreting assignments last not more then 1-2 hours. The work of interpreters is greatly undervalued in Ireland. Professionals disagree to work for these rates. Amateurs are hired with no formal qualification. This leads to lower quality and less professional service.

TRANSLIT respects their interpreters and pays usually €20-25 per hour with the lowest rate of €18. The management has decided that the rates will not go down. The company has built an extensive database of more than 220 highly skilled multi-lingual experts based in Ireland and spread around the world. It opened internship positions and welcomed foreign students to come in and get valuable experience. Even the best translators can make mistakes. That is why TRANSLIT ensures that every member of staff has the relevant education, work experience, completed coursework and checks for their qualifications and language proficiency thoroughly before they commence any work.

There are many reasons why customers choose TRANSLIT. The main one is excellent quality of work and confidentiality. The company uses latest security technology to encrypt all customer data ensuring it is safe at a highest level (256-bit file encryption) and doing regular backups.

By the end of 2012, the company plans to obtain ISO certification for quality and project management. In 2011, TRANSLIT started implementing an effective marketing strategy by using creative ideas to promote their business: utilising social networks, sending newsletters, attending and sponsoring some events such as cultural festivals, diversity network meetings, foreign concerts and other activities to get publicity and raise awareness.

TRANSLIT is authorised company services provider registered with Department of Justice, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Unit. It can register a new company within 1-5 working days. Over the past few years, the company has helped many foreign nationals and Irish people to set up their new businesses and supported them with accounting and marketing services. If you are thinking of starting a new business, talk to TRANSLIT friendly business consultants for the best option to suit small and larger set-ups.

In the beginning of 2012, TRANSLIT launched a new service – Tax Back – tax refunds for individuals. One couple received more €6,000  by overpaying taxes and not using mortgage tax relief. The company contacted Revenue and re-evaluated their tax affairs. Another customer obtained €1500 on income tax. As a matter of fact, in more than 40% of cases people overpaid their taxes from 2008-2010 if engaged in full-time employment. Any person can claim their tax back for the last 4 years. TRANSLIT helped many people to get their correct entitlements. In this difficult times even €100 refunded by Revenue can help to pay 1 week’s groceries. If you were working full-time since 2008, why not try to re-evaluate your taxes? Contact TRANSLIT for advice. They are registered tax agents with Revenue.

Summer 2012 is a turning point for the company. Their website is currently being updated to allow online quoting and easy ordering automating and simplifying the whole process for customers.

In the beginning of June, they moved to a bigger office in Limerick city from Palmerstown House, Mungret Street to 18 Mallows Street. Because of that they are offering 10% discount on most of the services by the end of July.

At the moment TRANSLIT in conjunction with VIP WEB are launching a new campaign to build a website for a local charity for free and donate 1% of net profits from online sales. It will be done in a form of competition. More information on that will come in the next few weeks.

Read what customers say about TRANSLIT:

“Special thanks to TRANSLIT on behalf of the Chernobyl Children Project”

 “TRANSLIT has translated the whole Rules of the Road into 3 languages and designed the content layout of our course DVD” – Driving School DASI

“We worked with Alex on two projects which had very tight deadlines and the projects were delivered on time. We found TRANSLIT very easy to deal with” – Lisa Herlihy, Marketing Executive, Dairy Master.

Contact Details:

1st floor
18 Upper Mallow Street
Tel: +353-85-7507150 / +353-87-6154448
Email: info@translit.ie / sales@translit.ie
Web: www.translit.ie

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