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Improved Visa System and Direct Flights Would Open up More Business

August 30, 2012

Improved visa system and direct flights to Moscow would open up more business opportunities, stated Mr Maxim Peshkov – the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ireland, at the IEA’s Ireland Russia Business Association (IRBA) lunch on 29th August 2012.

At the Ireland Russia Business Association lunch the Ambassador from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ireland stated:

  • There were many opportunities for the expansion of bi-lateral trade between Ireland and Russia and that the establishment of the Joint Economic Commission in November  last year  was a very positive step along the way.
  • The Irish government was in a strong position to promote further trade with Russia through the World Customs Organisation, where Josephine Feehily – The Revenue  Commissioners Chairman – was also the Chairman of the WCO.
  • Equally there was a strong opportunity for the Irish Government to build further trade expansion with Russia during the Irish Presidency of the EU next year.

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However he went on to state:

  • The visa system between the two countries was cumbersome and did not facilitate business or tourist expansion.
  • Also the lack of a direct flight between Dublin and Moscow hindered trade and tourist development and should be reviewed and encouraged.

In his concluding remarks, he welcomed the proposed legislation on the rights of children and urged further cooperation on the development of the bilateral adoption treaty between Ireland and Russia.

Dr Constantin Gurdgiev, the Chairman of the Ireland Russia Business Association also spoke at the event and pointed to the lack of Foreign Direct Investment  from Russia into Ireland, stating that Russian businesses invested between €60 and €70 billion abroad each year, a tiny proportion of which had come to Ireland so far. He went on to point to the lack of significant presence of Russian financial services companies in the IFSC and  concluded by stating that  the FDI opportunities needed to be pursued more aggressively by the IDA.

  1. Anonymous
    September 4, 2012 at 07:55

    I think direct flights is more to do with airlines wanting to come and presure airspace authrities for the new routes. Russian Embassy can do very little in this regard. 100% agree on the FDI point. IDA should be more agressive in trying to attract Russian Investment into Ireland.

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