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IEA: Exports Expected to get boost from up-coming Trade mission to Russia

June 12, 2012

Minister of State Joe Costello will lead a five strand Trade Mission to Russia from the 18th – 22nd June, 2012, to help Irish exporters take advantage of the expansion in demand for Education and Training, Agri-food and support technologies, Software and ICT, Nanotechnology, and Financial Services.

John Whelan, chief executive of the Irish Exporters Association( IEA) urged exporters to take advantage of the Trade Mission which is being organised by  Enterprise Ireland, stating: ‘’The  Russian market continues to grow strongly, with  Irish exports in the first quarter of the  year growing by 32%‘’.

He went on to say: ‘’the Trade Mission will provide Irish companies  with opportunities to network with your existing/potential customers/partners, generate new business, and we urge businesses to take advantage of the mission to break away from the stagnant EU markets’’.

He concluded by saying: ‘’The boost our exporters will get from this trade mission to Moscow and a further one planned for  the Autumn to be led by Minister for Agri Food Simon Coveney, is expected to result in Irish  goods exports to Russia growing to €620 million  –double the level achieved in 2010 –and to continued strong growth of services exports to  €1.6 billion –up 23% on 2010 levels’’.

The IEA and it’s Ireland Russia Business Association(IRBA), strongly welcomed the work of the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade in continuing to drive the agenda to reduce trade barriers between Ireland and Russia through the  Joint Economic Commission sessions, which will also be conducted during the trade mission. An on-going concern with regard to the difficulty in acquiring Visas for visits between Ireland and Russia, and the urgent need to stream line the process was stressed as a very important goal of the JEC.


For Trade Mission registration queries, please email: russiatrademission@enterprise-ireland.com

For general queries, please contact:

Jennifer Condon, Ireland Russia Business association


Tel. 01 6612182

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